Chris Whitaker

British Association for Sustainability in Sport.

Chris spent 12 years at the England and Wales Cricket Board working in the Facilities Team as a Facilities and Investment Manager, co-ordinating and supporting the delivery and implementation of the National Governing Body facility funding programmes in the recreational game.

He worked on a number of pilot and landmark projects which helped to drive the adoption of sustainable practices within the recreational game.

He is a BASIS founder member and is now working in a full-time voluntary capacity for the Association, Chairing the Management Board.

Sustainable Community Sport of the Future?

Community sport what it could look like and how it can adopt the principles for sustainable change.

There must be a holistic approach, the principles are inseparable and indivisible.

  • Green energy at community clubs
  • active transport / car sharing
  • How local leagues might be re-configured
  • How mass participation events could be re-configured
  • Green / procurement policies
  • Workforce advocacy / training / education
  • Green levy for events, leagues, clubs
  • Re-use / recycling and repurposing; sports wear, kit, equipment.
  • Green facility development – rebuild or repurpose?
  • Development and purchase of fit for purpose sustainable clothing and equipment
  • Grass pitch sports – better maintenance procedures, removing chemicals, washing down equipment. Solar and electric powered equipment

A call to action to policy makers, funders and key sector organisations to support creative thinking and collaboration in this area.

  • Shared best practice through case studies.

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