Baroness Camilla Cavendish

Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and former head of Number Ten Policy Unit.

Camilla Cavendish is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster, and the author of “Extra Time: Ten Lessons for an Ageing World”, published by Harper Collins in 2019. She is a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School and a Contributing Editor at the Financial Times where she writes a weekly open column on Saturdays.

She was Head of the Prime Minister’s UK Policy Unit under David Cameron. One of the policies associated with her is the 2016 “sugar tax” on fizzy drinks. Previously a Non-Executive Director of the Care Quality Commission, and was author of the 2013 Cavendish Review, an independent review for the Department of Health, into junior nursing staff and care workers. Camilla was asked back into Government in 2020 to advise the Department of Health and Social Care during the pandemic and led a review of the reform of social care.

She sits in the House of Lords as a non-aligned peer: Baroness Cavendish of Little Venice. Camilla’s work has changed the law: her exposure of miscarriages of justice in family courts led the Brown government to open those courts to the media in 2009. Her awards include Wincott Senior Financial Journalist of the year, and the Paul Foot award for investigative journalism. Camilla began her career at McKinsey & Co. She helped to found the lobby group London First and was CEO of the South Bank  Employers’ Group, a public-private joint venture which regenerated parts of London’s south bank. She holds degrees from Oxford and Harvard and chairs the non-profit Frontline, which puts talented graduates into social work.

In my section I will be covering ‘Extra Time: ten lessons for living longer better’

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